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. When waking up
Alhamdu lillahil-lathee ahyana baAAda ma amatana wa-ilayhin-nushoor.
All praise is for Allah who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the resurrection.

The Prophet said : Whoever awakes at night and then says:
ϡ ѡ ѡ .
La ilaha illal-lahu wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul-mulku walahul-hamd, wahuwa AAala kulli shay-in qadeer, subhanal-lah, walhamdu lillah, wala ilaha illal-lah wallahu akbar, wala hawla wala quwwata illa billahil-AAaliyyil AAatheem.
None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone without associate, to Him belongs sovereignty and praise and He is over all things wholly capable. How perfect Allah is, and all praise is for Allah, and none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, Allah is the greatest and there is no power nor might except with Allah, The Most High, The Supreme.
and then supplicates:
Rabbigh-fir lee
O my Lord forgive me.
will be forgiven
Al-Waleed said, or he said:
and then asks, he will be answered.If he then performs ablution and prays, his prayer will be accepted.

Alhamdu lillahil-lathee AAafanee fee jasadee waradda AAalayya roohee wa-athina lee bithikrih.
All praise is for Allah who restored to me my health and returned my soul and has allowed me to remember Him.


[[ 190-200)
Inna fee khalqi alssamawati waal-ardi wa-ikhtilafi allayli wa-alnnahari la-ayatin li-olee al-albab
(From Verse 3:190 till the end of the chapter Ali AAimran)

2. Supplication when wearing a garment

() .
Alhamdu lillahil-lathee kasanee hatha (aththawb) warazaqaneehi min ghayri hawlin minnee wala quwwah.
All Praise is for Allah who has clothed me with this garment and provided it for me, with no power nor might from myself.

3. Supplication said when wearing a new garment

Allahumma lakal-hamdu anta kasawtaneeh, as-aluka min khayrihi wakhayri ma suniAAa lah, wa-aAAoothu bika min sharrihi washarri ma suniAAa lah.
O Allah, for You is all praise, You have clothed me with it (i.e. the garment), I ask You for the good of it and the good for which it was made, and I seek refuge with You from the evil of it and the evil for which it was made.

4. Supplication said to someone wearing a new garment

Tublee wayukhliful-lahu taAAala.
May you wear it out and Allah replace it (with another). The intended meaning: A supplication for long life.


Ilbas jadeedan waAAish hameedan wamut shaheedan.
Wear anew, live commendably and die a shaheed.
shaheed:One who dies fighting the kuffar in order to make the word of Allah superior or in defense of Islam. It also has other meanings found in the Sunnah such as: the one who dies defending his life, wealth or family; the woman who passes away due to childbirth; one who drownsetc.

5. Before undressing
In the **** of Allah.
6. Before entering the toilet
( ) .
(Bismil-lah) allahumma innee aAAoothu bika minal-khubthi wal-khaba-ith
(In the **** of Allah). O Allah, I take refuge with you from all evil and evil-doers.

7. After leaving the toilet
I ask You (Allah) for forgiveness.

8. When starting ablution
In the **** of Allah.

9. Upon completing the ablution

9) .
Ashhadu an la ilaha illal-lahu wahdahu la shareeka lah, wa-ashhadu anna Muhammadan AAabduhu warasooluh.
I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenge


O Allaah , I ask you by your mercy which envelopes all things , that you forgive


If someone does you a favour and you say


Allaah has decreed and what he wills , he does

( Allaah is sufficient for me . and how fine a trustee ( he is

There is no might nor power except with Allaah


1-( ) [/201]

"Our Lord ! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that

(which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!" (2/201

2- ( ) [/250]

"Our Lord! Pour forth on us patience and make us victorious over the

(disbelieving people." (2/250

3- (

) [/286]

"Our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear.

Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Maula

(Patron, Supporter and Protector, etc.) and give us victory over the

(disbelieving people." (2/286

4- ( )

[ /8]

"Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided

(us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower." (3/8

5- ( ) [ /16]

"Our Lord! We have indeed believed, so forgive us our sins and save us from

(the punishment of the Fire." (3/16

-6 ( ) [ /38]

"O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-

(Hearer of invocation." (3/38

7- ( ) [ /53]

"Our Lord! We believe in what You have sent down, and we follow the

(Messenger ['Iesa (Jesus

2">8- ( )

[ /147]
"Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and our transgressions (in keeping our duties to


establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk."


9- (

) [ /191-194]

"Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You!

(Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners). Give us

salvation from the torment of the Fire. *Our Lord! Verily, whom You admit to

the Fire, indeed, You have disgraced him, and never will the Zaalimoon

(polytheists and wrong-doers) find any helpers. *Our Lord! Verily, we have

heard the call of one (Muhammad p.b.u.h.) calling to Faith: 'Believe in your

Lord,' and we have believed. *Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and remit from us

our evil deeds, and make us die in the state of righteousness along with Al-

Abraar (those who are obedient to Allah and follow strictly His Orders). *Our

Lord! Grant us what You promised unto us through Your Messengers and

disgrace us not on the Day of Resurrection, for You never break (Your)

(Promise." (3/191-194

10- ( ) [/23]

"Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You forgive us not, and bestow not

(upon us Your Mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers." (7/23

11- ( ) [/47]

"Our Lord! Place us not with the people who are Zaalimoon (polytheists and

(wrong doers)." (7/47)

12- ( ) [/126]

("Our Lord! pour out on us patience, and cause us to die as Muslims." (7/126

13- ( ) [/129]

"Allah is sufficient for me. Laa ilaaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be

worshipped but He), in Him I put my trust and He is the Lord of the Mighty

(Throne." (9/129

14- ( )


"Our Lord! Make us not a trial for the folk who are Zaalimoon. And save us by

(Your Mercy from the disbelieving folk." (10/85-86

15- (

) [-47]

"O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking You that of which I have no

knowledge. And unless You forgive me and have Mercy on me, I would indeed

(be one of the losers." (11/47

16- ( ) [-40]

"O my Lord! Make me one who performs As-Salaat (Iqaamat-as-Salaat), and

(also) from my offspring, our Lord! And accept my invocation." (14/40)

17- ( ) [-41]

"Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents, and (all) the believers on the Day when

(the reckoning will be established." (14/41

18- (

) [-80]

"My Lord! Let my entry (to the city of Al-Madinah) be good, and likewise my

exit (from the city of Makkah) be good. And grant me from You an authority to

(help me (or a firm sign or a proof)." (17/80

19- ( ) [/10]

"Our Lord! Bestow on us mercy from Yourself, and facilitate for us our affair in

(the right way!" (18/10

20- ( )


"O my Lord! Open for me my chest. * And ease my task for me. * And make

(loose the knot from my tongue, that they understand my speech." (20/25-28

21- ( ) [/114]

"My Lord! Increase me in knowledge." (20/114)

22- ( ) [/87]

"None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah), Glorified (and Exalted)

(are You. Truly, I have been of th
e wrong-doers." (21/87

23- ( ) [/89]

"O My Lord! Leave me not single (childless), though You are the Best of the

(inheritors." (21/89

24- ( ) [/97-98]

"My Lord! I seek refuge with You from the whisperings (suggestions) of the

Shayatin (devils). And I seek refuge with You, My Lord! lest they may attend

(or come near) me." (23/97-98)

25- ( ) [/109]

"Our Lord! We believe, so forgive us, and have mercy on us, for You are the

(Best of all who show mercy!" (23/109

26- ( ) [/118]

"My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for You are the Best of those who show

(mercy ! " (23/118


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